Liege Airport in the vicinity of the Indus for the lack of oxygen in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic (Liège)

This week, an AirBridgeCargo plane arrives at Liège Airport with a humanitarian cargo on the Indus. In the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, the human oxygen deficiencies in patients. The airport and its partners are a major role in the humanities.

Liège Airport has a long tradition of humanities, insisting on communication. In 2010, he opened a major role for the internationally deployed international suite in the countryside of Haiti. Liege Airport has this USAID mandate for the main transit point against Ebola in West Africa. A large part of the humanitarian aid is a route from Liege Airport to the natural disasters in Turkey (1999), Thailand (2004) and the Philippines (2013).

“We have the experience to meet the urgent needs of the UN and the agencies of the United Nations in terms of logistics fluxes and only after a rapid intervention and efficiency on the ground,” said Muriel Baugnée, coordinator of the Center for Sanitation and Humanities of Liege. Airport.

Le Boeing 747-400 d’AirBridgeCargo a décollé tôt samedi pour l’aéroport international Indira Gandhi afin d’apporter des systemes de purification d’oxygène aux hôpitaux indiens.

“With more than 30 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, the Volga-Dnieper is a collaborator with partners, like Liege Airport, which shares the best values, not only in health care,” said Julia Celetaria, director of the World Cup. from the Volga-Dnepr group, the lequel is composed of three airlines – AirBridgeCargo, Volga-Dnepr and ATRAN. “In the course of the last days, our cargoes were opened by a number of charters given to India with vital medical supplies for the aid of a country that offers a return of COVID-19 and an oxygen crisis. In addition to this, we have a clear livery of vaccines that are permeated by the Indus of their vaccination program and attain collective immunity. “

Liege Airport confirms that we have the role of a major airport “sante” in the crisis Covid-19 (transport of centiaries of millions of masks, respirators, protection kits, vaccines, etc.) and the humanitarian hub.

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