Libya, via 300 pro-Haftar mercenaries at the request of Paris

TRIPOLI, 11 NOV – Three hundred “foreign mercenaries and fighters” active in the areas of eastern Libya controlled by Khalifa Haftar will be repatriated “at the request of France”, which tomorrow will host a conference on Libya. This was announced by military sources linked to the strongman of Cyrenaica, who fought against Tripoli. “The command of the Libyan National Army has decided to have a first group of 300 mercenaries and foreign fighters leave the country”, representatives of Haftar’s forces said in a statement, adding that they had made this decision “at the request of France. “. The statement comes from the representatives of the Haftar camp in the “Libyan Joint Military Committee (5 + 5)”, a structure composed of five members of the Libyan government based in Tripoli and five members representing the East: group responsible for the implementation of ceasefire agreement signed between the two parties in October 2020. (ANSA).


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