let’s frame the Yawgoons with Brent McCaron [VIDEO DI SNOWBOARD]

Famous for the number of beaches, located between Massachussets and Connecticut: we are in the state of Rhode Island. It’s 2010, and a group of friends discover that snowboarding is more than just a common pastime for them. In an area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, there is one and only one ski resort, which bears the name of Yawgoo Valley. There, the artificial snow work offers the possibility of surfing in the winter, even when nature hinders it. And that’s where this crazy team will get its name from.

They are Brendan Gouin, Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand And Brian Skorupski, better known as the Yawgoons.

CAPiTA riders they started making videos in 2009: their talent is immediately noticed, and in 2011 they are offered to participate in an online snowboard contest. The rest is history, all taken from the eye (and from the camera) of the director and photographer Brent McCaron, in a very juicy project that bears the title of “Documenting The Yawgoons”, in which, between one jump and another, i CAPiTA rider they tell each other. Twenty minutes of snow, adrenaline and above all emotions, to be inspired by those who have a clear idea of ​​what is meant by “team spirit”.

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