Les 12-18 ans pourront se faire vacciner à partir du 15 juin, annonce Macron

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, announced the start of the vaccination for 12-18 years.

The youngsters of 12 to 18 years ago will be vaccinated in France against Covid-19 on June 15, and the announcement of President Emmanuel Macron will be dismissed in the southwest of the country.

The head of the State is in a position of prestige that 50% of French adults have a first dose of the vaccine, which represents the “true and cap” of the vaccination campaign.

Il a toutefois appelé les Français à rester «extrêmement prudents et vigilants» car la circulation du virus progresse dans certaines parties du territoire, notamment dans le Sud-Ouest.

Emmanuel Macron explained that the decision to launch the vaccination of adolescents took this prize in the course of the defense council, which is tenu dans la matinee at the Elysée.

La Haute sanitary authority (HAS) has a notice of mercy on vaccination from 12-15 years. She is also communicating with a Jewish mother, after the fire of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the disposal of Pfizer / BioNTech products for this tranche.

In total, since the start of the vaccination campaign in France, 26.1 million people have been vaccinated against their vaccine (39.1% of the total population), 11.2 million people have only received two doses (16.7% of the total population).

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