Lavrov, with the ‘Carbon Tax’ the EU politicizes the green agenda

MOSCOW, 23 NOV – The European Union has not shown any willingness to discuss the mechanism for the cross-border regulation of Co2, thus creating barriers to international trade. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov. “We can say at this point that a number of influential countries, including EU member states, are trying to politicize the green agenda and use it as an instrument of protectionism: we are patiently explaining in the course of our contacts that such attempts they could have an extremely negative effect on the international effort to contain climate change, ”Lavrov told the forum“ The International Agenda of Russian Business: Challenges, Risks, Interaction Strategy with the State ”. “The business community is seriously concerned about the development of a carbon border adjustment mechanism. Everyone believes that its activation – at this point the EU declares its intention to do so and is not eager to hold the related negotiations – will obviously be the source of new, unnecessary barriers to hinder international trade and ruin existing value chains ” , he added. Interfax reports it. (HANDLE).

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