Lauren Jauregui has finally released her first solo project “Prelude”

On Friday 5th November it came out “Prelude”, the first solo EP of Lauren Jauregui. The project consists of seven songs all inspired by the singer’s personal experiences as she explained herself to People: “This tour of life and music that I am giving to people is the genuine expression of my life experiences and introspection of my inner world. Things that just happened to me in life. Certainly there are layers of emotions“.

This the tracklist of the disc:

1. Intro
2. Colors
3. Scattered feat. Vic Mensa
4. Falling
5. On Guard feat. 6lack
6. Don’t Wanna Say
7. Sorry

On the occasion of the publication of “Prelude”, Lauren received compliments and support of a former bandmate of his: it is Normani (both were part of the Fifth Harmony), who via Twitter wrote a sweet message that you can read HERE.

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