Last announced the release of the new album “Solo”

After a long wait, now the official announcement has finally arrived: the new record of unpublished by Last it’s called “Solo” and will be released on Friday October 22!

It is his fourth studio album – the first self-produced by his label Ultimo Records – and marks the return of the artist two and a half years after the previous work “Colpa delle favole” (2019).

Below you can take a look at the cover of “Solo”:

“Solo” promises to be a introspective album, which places the human being at the center, in whom the Last he got naked, describing the emotions felt in these two years of silence and distance from their audience.

In an update on the project written by Niccolò on Instagram last July we read:

“I’m working on my new record purely for a personal need. I am doing this because I need to make you feel like I have lived through these years. Because I dug inside myself in this absurd period, where all of us have felt more alone … where everyone, some more, some less, have come to terms with our emotions. I’m not thinking too much about form or throwing strategies, because I think that the important thing is to excite with the songs, the rest is a side dish. I think a song can do its job without having to explain anything to it. ⁣ I’m proud because it’s a record made by my Ultimo Records label and my team is the coolest of all. We are independent and maybe even a little crazy, because we believe that, even in 2021, we can win with emotion and nothing else. We believe it, I believe it. “

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