Larry Elder, the conservative who worries dem in California

NEW YORK, AUG 25 – Democrats in California are shaking. Radio host and conservative attorney Larry Elder is becoming the favorite in the special election to replace Governor Gavin Newsom. As the New York Times recalls, for a generation Elder was a radio presence for millions of Californians fed up with liberal politics in the fiefdom of the left. And now he could become the new governor. In a campaign in which everyone appeared substantially equal, Elder emerged almost overnight as the favorite among forty or so challengers. Newsom, whose fate depends on turnout, said of him: “He thinks climate change is a hoax, believes we need more offshore oil drilling, doesn’t believe a woman has the right to choose, doesn’t believe in the minimum wage “. With his listeners, however, Elder portrays himself as the son of a California that was once simpler and safer. (HANDLE).

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