Lady Gaga tells the story of her controversial and iconic meat dress

A new incarnation every new album, Lady Gaga he is a chameleon, who tells important stories not only with music, but also with his own body.

From platinum blonde bangs and sculptural mini dresses from her early days, to her most recent manifestation as a cyberpunk princess for her latest album Chromatica and the transformation into Patrizia Reggiani for the film House of Gucci, the guiding philosophy of Gaga’s style is a constant reinvention.

But we must admit that her most memorable look of all is certainly the “meat dress, which Stefani wore to the MTV Video Music Awards 2010. Understandably, the outfit drew worldwide attention, with some praising the bold choice, while others criticizing the dress made of flesh because they found it not very ethical. Now, 11 years later, Gaga herself has returned to reflect on hers most controversial and iconic look ever.

Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV VMAs – getty images

Talking with British Vogue, the 35-year-old pop star talked about how the meat mini dress was born, which she still can’t stop talking about. Gaga revealed that the inspiration for the look came from her makeup artist Val Garland:

It is actually Val Garland’s idea. Val Garland the make-up artist“, has explained, “She and I worked together for a long time and she told me a story about when she went to a party wearing sausages and I thought it was pretty funny and I said to her, ‘Well that’s a great way to make sure everyone leave you alone at a party‘”.

Gaga added that the dress “it was finally designed by Franc Fernandez“but stressed that”it was the brainchild of House of Gaga and we were backstage with Brandon Maxwell who was working as one of my stylists at the time. He was also vegan and still helping me sew all these last few pieces of meat and make my own meat hat and bag of meat. It smelled of meat. “

Gag also responded to criticism that the dress can really be called a dress:

There is a corset underneath, the flesh has been sewn to the corset, so it is actually a garment“, he stressed,”They didn’t just drape the flesh over me and cross their fingers“.

As for what it was like to wear a dress made of flesh, the lead singer of Poker Face he said: “It was exciting to wear it“.

And the rest is history!

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