Lady Gaga has arrived on TikTok and has already launched a trend with her first video

Finally there is also her up TikTok: the one and only Lady Gaga!

The 35-year-old artist has opened his account @Lady Gaga on the occasion of the before House of Gucci which took place last night in London.

She uploaded a video in which she is first seen in a super casual look, in tank top, sweatpants and make-up removed, while makes the sign of the cross and says “Father, Son and House of Gucci just like in the movie trailer.

At this point the shot detaches and reveals the incredible and fluctuating purple look (signed Gucci) and the wonderful coordinated make-up, which she showed off on the red carpet of the premiere!

You can see Lady Gaga’s first TikTok here on his account while in the video below you will find the scene in question:

As often happens with Lady Gaga, what she touches immediately becomes a trend and so are multiplying the TikTok duet in which fans copy the gesture “Father, Son and House of Gucci”!

Directed by Ridley Scott and with Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Jack Huston And Salma Hayek (besides obviously Gaga), the film will be released in Italian cinemas on December 16, while in the US as early as 24 November.

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