Lady Gaga defends her Italian accent in “House of Gucci”

L”Italian accent that Lady Gaga sports in the original version of House of Gucci is dividing the fans, there are those who think that it will take her straight to the Oscar nomination, while others believe that it does not seem Italian at all, but that it sounds much more like Russian.

Obviously Stefani is aware of the criticisms and explained, guest of the The Late Show, how she worked with her vocal coach to arrive at the accent she chose to play Patrizia Reggiani.

There is a kind of idea around the acting method that is crazy and that we are crazy“he began, touching on the subject of the acting method.”But I think for those of us who engage in the acting method, there is something about us that is just fully engaging in the art with every cell in the body.“.

Gaga added: “That we are deeply rooted in this immersive experience. I feel it when I sing, I feel it when I make music and I feel it when I act“.

Lady Gaga at the Milan premiere of House of Gucci in Milan – getty images

When it came to her accent, Gaga said that “it was easy for me to stay in character all the time. When I called my mother, when I called my father“.

How to sing, like a musical instrument or a muscle, has allowed me to feel comfortable speaking in a way that would not have been natural for me“, he said he lived his daily life with the accent between shots and closes with the definitive explanation:

I’m not saying this is the way to do it, it’s just how I do it. “

In the video below, you can see instead the most beautiful images from the premiere of House of Gucci in Milan:

Ridley Scott’s film will be released in theaters on December 16: Lady Gaga who plays the role of Patrizia Reggiani next to Adam Driver who plays Maurizio Gucci. There are also in the cast Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons And Jared Leto.

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