l’action de l’UE satisfait moins d’un Belge sur deux

In addition to the Belgian motives, they are not interested in the manner of the European Union in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the resort of one of the European Parliament publishes Jews.

They are about 55% to have their insatisfaction marked by a survey conducted in March and last April, for 44% of respondents are satisfied. These are for you in their ensemble are more equal: respectively 50% and 48%.

Near 26,700 people (dont 1,034 Belges) are on this road 27 members of this Eurobarometer of the European Parliament, destined to measure the state of the continent of the continent at the moment of vaccination campaigns, impulses of the European Commission, accelerated.

D’après ce prondage, huit Européens sur dix ont entendu parler des mesures prises par l’Union européenne (coordination sanitaire, achats communs de vaccins, soutien ekonomíque, plan de relance, etc.).

The Belgians are more or less responsible for the solidarity of Europeans than they are for the Union countries: 69% of them are satisfied, for a UE of 53%. In Italy, 44% of respondents are satisfied with this intra-EU solidarity.

Certes, presque la moitié des Européens garde une image positive de l’Europe –un niveau qu’s maintenu–, mais seulement 23% des probes se disent «favorables à l’UE telle qu’elle s’est construite jusqu ‘to present ». And 47% disagree in favor of a Europe “but not in the manner of this realist present”.

This reform reform not only translates into the health sector: 74% of Europeans (and 85% of Belgians) agree that the EU acquires a competency to do sanitary crises, and not even pandemic futures.

The health is an exclusive competence of the States, which does not relate to the EU, but the sanitary crisis of the European Commission to launch an ambitious project of “Europe of Health”, not only with the mass in a place Preparation agency for sanitary emergency situations (HERA).

Concerning the economic impact of pandemics and confusion measures, 31% of European probes (22% of Belgians) have had their financial situation affected, and by 26% of Europeans (27% of Belgians) a reduction of old levers in my hands.

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