Kylian Mbappé, the great Bleu

He is 22 years old and will be attending one of the “Obs” for the second time already. The first, was in 2018, on the eve of the victory of the French football team in the final of the World Cup. Three years later, following the coup d’etat of the European Championship of Nations which will take place on 11 June, Kylian Mbappé is only a brilliant footballer too early. It is also a great advantage: a figure well known among only sports enthusiasts, even among those whose professional sport differs or whose excesses are irritating; a personality that is popular when it comes to proximity, as well as showing the video touring the Elysee where Emmanuel Macron sees a coup d’état on the footballer, as the head of state plays of a rare privilege; a young man issu of the suburb and the verb posed to become one of the symbols, see the symbol, of which he himself calls “La nouvelle France”. A singular slogan that is rarely expressed as this week in “The Obs”, in an interview where there is a question (a little) of football, but especially of him, of his report to France, of national pessimism or of bonds who created his iconic status.

EXCLUSIVE. Kylian Mbappé confides in “The Obs”: “I know the weight of my words and my actions”

“A great sport should be engaged”, explains Kylian Mbappé to our journalists. Their proposals are nothing short of clichéd, they are all the more counterproductive on the contrary: there is the air of transmission, of gathering, of listening, of moderation as well. Some might even see a very polite discourse by social communicators to construct an “inspiring” character, as is said to be the case with marketing specialists. But the facility, for him, would have included all these questions. De demeurer neatly aligns with all the subjects that fâchent to not skew its market value, which is estimated at more than 200 million euros on the transfer market.

Football has this singularity that often escapes the elementary rules of reason. It is not surprising, of course, that this sport is found and often instrumentalized in enforcing the prejudiced. To demonstrate the superiority of certain opinions over others. To announce the prevalence of this or that reading grille of the world. Car, to paraphrase Clausewitz in “From War”, football has always been the continuation of politics by other means. This is why we have a hierarchical or authoritarian regime of the small pockets of the small pockets to serve to assimilate their legitimacy or develop their influence.

In the recent history of France, football has been, just after the victory of 1998, the crossroads of our hopes of a runaway society – a wish that, from the years of 2020, resembles a posteriori to a peak age. Closer to us, there was also the reflection of our failures. See the catalyst of sad passions of certain, which have not hesitated to invoke or the national selection player does not sing “the Marseillaise”, or others left in their car a day of training, to nourish their obsession of a fragmented and forcibly degenerate France. A generalized breakdown that contrasts with the Kylian Mbappé Foundation. It is the gift of excellence that will bring him, even if he weighs in on a sportsman of 22 years does not leave. It is also the mouthpiece of its slogans – considerable to the younger generations. Avoiding Kylian Mbappé on the pitch is a chance for France. The expression as it is written in our journal is all the more so.

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