Kristen Stewart “scared” celebs at the Met Gala with a wardrobe malfunction

It’s been two months since the Met Gala it’s back to break into our lives in all its glamorous glory, but that doesn’t mean we’re done talking about it, nor Kristen Stewart for that matter.

In a new interview with People, the actress of Spencer, who attended the Met Gala several times, revealed that she had an embarrassing one wardrobe malfunction during this year’s event, leaving the other guests “frightened“.

Kristen Stewart at the 2021 Met Gala – getty images

To recap, the 31-year-old walked the Met Gala in a suit Chanel: metallic pink jacket all ruffled, lace top and white tuxedo trousers. After the red carpet, she sat at the table of the maison to socialize with the other guests dressed in Chanel, right here the crime happened:

So I go to the Met Ball and there is a new group of young girls at the Chanel table“, he recalled.”There was a beautiful young tennis player [Emma Raducanu] and a young actress [Whitney Peak del reboot di Gossip Girl]. “

Kristen continued: “I’m talking to them, saying, ‘Welcome, I’ve done this a couple of times’ and it looks like it’s scaring them. I look down and literally my nipple is in front of their faces. I was like, ‘Okay, sorry, I’m going to put it away now’.

Laughing, the 31-year-old actress added: “They must have thought, ‘Who is this crazy old actress at the Met Ball?’ This will be a story they will tell when they get older“.

It seems that even when you’re an A-list celebrity, you can’t escape a nip slip.

In this video you can review all look exaggerated of Met Gala 2021:

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