Kristen Stewart “passed out” the first time she saw Robert Pattinson at the Twilight audition

Kristen Stewart gave to the New Yorker a very honest reflection of the time spent on the set of Twilight, in a lengthy interview, which serves as a career retrospective.

In the piece, the actress told the first impression which she had about her co-star and later off-screen boyfriend Robert Pattinson. How did it go? Kristen melted like snow in the sun in front of the handsome Brit.

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The first time they met was when Robert did with her the audition for the role of Edward. The magazine writes that Kristen literally “imitated a fainting“to describe the impression she got of him. According to New Yorker, Stewart and Pattinson read lines for the role together and kissed for a very long time during their audition.

It was so clear that it would work“said Kristen with a big smile.”I was literally alone, like …“, at this point we read in the piece that the actress imitated a faint. In short, when a gesture explains much more than a thousand words.

After having somehow admitted that with Robert it was love at first sight, Kristen explained why the actor was perfect for the role of Edward Cullen alongside her:

He had an intellectual approach that was combined with ‘I don’t give a shit about this, but I’ll do it right’. And I was like ‘Ugh, the same’“recalled Kristen with a smile.”And anyway, we were young and stupid, I don’t mean we made it any better, but it was the approach we needed, and that’s what anyone who plays these kinds of parts needs to hear.“.

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Kristen finally states that “public stoicism“surrounding his role of Bella in the movies it has helped a lot in her subsequent career in Hollywood:

Like, how fun is it for people to think they know you? “, has explained. “Did they think I was going to make Twilight forever? Is this how they saw me? If that’s how they saw me, then they really prepared me for success, because I can do so much more“.

And in fact, Kristen totally proved it in her new movie Spencer, his interpretation of Lady Diana looks like it could lead her straight to an Oscar nomination.

The current relationship situation of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan?

Kristen And officially engaged with screenwriter Dylan Meyer and says she wants to get married wearing “best pair of jeans ever“.

While Robert has a report from 2018 with Suki Waterhouse, they are a very private couple and are rarely seen together in public.

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