Kristen Stewart: Oscar nomination for Spencer? “I don’t give a shit”

For some time now there have been rumors that the magnetic interpretation of Lady Diana in Spencer, could bring Kristen Stewart straight to a candidacy for the Oscar 2022.

According to The Hollywood Reporter in fact, Kristen is currently detained the probable winner in the Best Actress category.

You might think that the 31-year-old is thrilled to receive her first nomination for the most important film awards in her long career. But she couldn’t care less!

Kristen Stewart at the premiere of “Spencer” at the 78th Venice Film Festival – getty images

I don’t give a fuck“Kristen said of receiving an Oscar nomination a Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast.

He then continued: “Oscars are such a fun thing. There are so many amazing movies and shows that they barely get seen. It definitely says something about where we are as a cumulative presence: what we are looking at, what interests us. I really appreciate that something I’ve been involved in sparked such a broad conversation. We don’t make films so as not to connect with each other“.

Very clear words, but we still hope she will be nominated for an Oscar because she really deserves it.

Oh, by the way, Kristen Yes is officially engaged with screenwriter Dylan Meyer and says she wants to get married wearing “best pair of jeans ever“.

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