Kit Harington already knows what she will tell her son when he sees the hottest “Game of Thrones” scenes

Kit Harington he has a perfect answer for those who ask him what he will say to his son when he looks game of Thrones and in particular some hot scenes!

The 34-year-old actor met his wife Rose Leslie and their baby’s mother on the set of the series, in which they played two lovers in the third season.

Interviewed by Daily Pop, Kit has revealed that she plans to tell her son this when she sees him and Rose love each other in GoT: “Look, you just have to be thankful it happened because otherwise you wouldn’t be here“. Is flawless!

It will go like this – he continued joking – I’ll tell him like, ‘Don’t you like watching it? Well, what a bad luck ‘“.

Rose Leslie, 34, and Kit Harington, who turns 35 on December 26 – getty images

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie they have confirmed to have become parents through a statement from their spokesperson in February 2021.

They are in fact one of the famous couples born on a set: they met on the set of Game of thrones And they were married in June 2018 in a traditional ceremony in Scotland.

Trace their entire love story in the video:

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