Kevin Duman and Daniele Galli [VIDEO DI SKATEBOARD]

What do two friends do when they meet?

In your head you may be thinking: “they have a drink, they will have an aperitif”. Unfortunately, we have to prove you wrong! When you are a skater and you meet a “bro” the first thing that comes to your mind are the latest tricks you have tried and that you would like to show him in the coolest skatepark in town.

With Kevin Duman And Daniele Galli, fun is always guaranteed! Their friendship is based on four wheels and a board. A pure relationship, made up of advice, support and teachings. Because the road teaches you this, to respect and love those around you.

It’s always nice to see them skating together and today we want to show you a video shot some time ago, but still current:

Come on Kevin and Daniele, you are proof that in friendship there is no competition!

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