Katy Perry gave an update on her daughter Daisy, recounting two milestones she has already reached

Daisy Dove Bloom grows!

The daughter of Katy Perry is Orlando Bloom she is 9 months old and the famous mother has just given an update, telling of two life stages that the little one has already reached.

Crawl and put a tooth“revealed in an” interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

The tooth has just popped though – added the 36-year-old singer – In reality looks like one of my teeth. Because I have nice teeth above, but if you look at the ones below they are a little interesting. But I think they characterize“.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry – getty images

On the occasion of her first Mother’s Day, Katy Perry had sent a nice message on Twitter: “I found everything I was looking for when I became a mother. S.I am so grateful for this deep, deep love. “

She and Orlando Bloom are betrothed and welcomed Daisy Dove in August 2020.

The actor is also dad of Flynn, who is 10 years old and was born from the previous marriage with Miranda Kerr.

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