Katy Perry explained how she understood Orlando Bloom would be: “the father of my future children”

While the small Daisy Dove Bloom is already 9 months old, Katy Perry she went back in time to tell how she understood that Orlando Bloom he was the right person to start a family.

The singer became a mom last August – while the actor was already a dad Flynn, who is 10 years old and he was born from his previous marriage to Miranda Kerr – and she said how impressed she was to see the betrothed raise their first child.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom – getty images

I was able to witness the his paternal side – said the 36-year-old a L’Officiel, while the reporter pointed out that a smile lit up her face as she talked about it The way he’s been there and continues to be there for him, the efforts it makes and the distances it crosses, I think that’s one of the reasons I made a conscious decision“.

I said to myself: ‘Here is the father of my future children’. I could see his kindness, empathy, care and tenderness. I have courted these things. I realized this was a different thing“.

Katy Perry added that the daughter they had together: “She’s his first baby, so it’s a different feeling for him. I’m really, really grateful to have him. It is present in a deeply emotional way, which is very unique to me“.

Last week, Katy Perry had given an update on Daisy Dove, telling two stages that the little girl has already reached: go here to read what he had told.

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