Kanye “Ye” West admits she made mistakes as a husband

Ye (the new name of Kanye West) showed up in surprise at the LA Mission Thanksgiving benefit event and gave a talk about family, admitting he made mistakes as a husband and talking about how God would like to see him get back together. Kim Kardashian.

Last February, the reality star had filled out the divorce papers by the rapper and for about a month would be dating comedian Pete Davidson.

But, according to the artist, the time has come: “To get families back together this Thanksgiving. It’s about restoring the family. This morning I felt so blessed to wake up, train and andbe able to drive to my home and see my wife and children“.

Yes, right – he added – I said my wife and my children and I want everyone to pray for my family“.

Kim Kardashian, 41, and Kanye West, 44 – getty images

Kanye “Ye” West went on to admit he made mistakes in his marriage to Kim Kardashian: “Lhe narrative God wants to see is that we can all be redeemed in all these relationships. We made mistakes. I have made mistakes. I have publicly done things that are not acceptable as a husband but today, for some reason since I didn’t know I was going to be in front of this microphone, I’m here to change the narrative“.

He then blamed the networks AND! And Hulu, on which the reality series of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, of “write the narrative ” of his family: “I am the preacher of my house. If the enemy can separate the Kimyes, there will be millions of families who feel this separation is okay … But when God brings the Kimyes back together, there will be millions of families who will be influenced to see that they can overcome the separation, the trauma the devil used to capitalize on, keeping people in misery while other people trample on them to go to the Gucci store“.

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Kim Kardashian with eldest daughter North West – getty images

Finally, the 44-year-old rapper explained that he had taken a house close to the one where Kim Kardashian and his children live North, aged 8, Saint, 5 years old, Chicago, 3 years old and Psalm 2 years.

I have to be close to my children as much as possible. So when I’m out of the house, I have a house right next to the house. I’m doing everything to stay close to the situation … I’m trying to express this in the healthiest and calmest way possible, but I need to go home“.

Trace the story between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in video:

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