Kamikaze blows up near Kabul airport, at least 13 dead

ROME, AUG 26 – A suicide bomber blew himself up at one of the entrance gates at Kabul airport (the Abbey Gate) causing at least 13 deaths including some children: l: o several international media and the news of the explosion reported it was later confirmed by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Twitter. The attack was followed by gunshots. The suicide bomber blew himself up in an area called “the channel”, according to the Skynews reporter on the spot, who explained that it is an area just outside the airport where thousands and thousands of people wait for the their documents are examined. In this area, the reporter explained, mainly British troops operate. According to Bild online, “three members of the US navy and several British soldiers were reportedly wounded”. All gates have been closed. American President Joe Biden has been informed and is being updated on developments by the top national security at these moments. (HANDLE).

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