Judgment on indigenous lands, vigil of 5,000 Indians in Brasilia

BRASILIA, 25 AUG – Indians from various parts of Brazil held a vigil in Brasilia, where the Supreme Court (Stf) is deciding on the constitutionality of the so-called ‘marco temporal’, which has set 1988 as the deadline for indigenous peoples they can declare themselves owners of the lands of their ancestors. About 5,000 people, belonging to 173 indigenous communities, remained today in the camp set up next to the Esplanade of Ministries, the main avenue of Brasilia, from where they then marched to the Plaza of the Three Powers, in front of the Supreme Court and the seat of the Presidency. of the Republic. Indigenous leaders presented to the Supreme Court a manifesto signed by one hundred thousand people, including intellectuals, artists, religious and ordinary citizens, where the ‘temporal mark’ is considered “unconstitutional” and denounced the interest of the defenders of agribusiness, extraction mining and loggers to their reserves. Moments of tension, meanwhile, in Rio de Janeiro, when the indigenous collective Urucu Mirim set fire to the statue of the Portuguese conqueror, Pedro Alvares Cabral, located in the neighborhood of Gloria, considering it a symbol of “slavery and genocide”. (HANDLE).

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