Jessica Haile Selassie’s presentation in #Riccanza 2

Nothing makes #Riccanza more than a crown and among the protagonists of the second season of the most sparkling program we had found a real princess: Jessica Haile Selassie!

Jessica has 27 years old and lives in Rome. But its title comes from “Ethiopia: it is indeed the great-granddaughter of the former emperor of Addis Ababa.

Now that a new adventure is about to begin in the most spied house on TV with his sisters Lucretia And Clarissa, we want to give her good luck by dusting off her video presentation of #Riccanza: press play!

Being Jessica means have a driver, a servant and a hairdresser / make-up artist at home. And what about his shopping days? In #Riccanza we have revealed to you that lives in a house overlooking the Spanish Steps and from there to the super-luxury street of the capital – via dei Condotti – the step is very short.

Rome is his city, but He has no qualms about taking his private jet to blossom in the most exclusive locations: in #Ricanza 2 we followed it in an armored evening in Venice during the week of the Venice Film Festival and then everyone to Montecarlo, where he took us to a boat party.

Don’t expect Jessica to spend her days sitting on the throne, she is a princess of our times and, besides being a fashion blogger, she is also an entrepreneur. It even has devised an app of its own and showed us the steps from the development phase to putting it online and above all the big party organized for the launch in a Roman location bling bling.

You can see the best of all seasons of #Riccanza on just click here!

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