Jerusalem: attack victim is a civilian, not an agent

TEL AVIV, 21 NOV – It is not a police officer but an Israeli civilian who is the victim of the gunshot attack that took place this morning by a Palestinian from Hamas in the Old City of Jerusalem. The emergency services report that the second victim – who is serious – is also a civilian, while the other two injured (lightly) in the attack are police officers. The victim’s name has not yet been disclosed. The attack took place around 9 am (local time) near one of the entrances to the Esplanade of the Mosques (the Temple Mount for Jews), which was then closed by the police. At the moment the police have ruled out that there was a second bomber as reported at first. The weapon used during the attack – added the police – is a Beretta M12 machine gun and not a Gustav rifle. (HANDLE).


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