Jay-Z’s Instagram account only lasted one day

The adventure of Jay-Z on Instagram ended after just 24 hours.

The 51-year-old rapper he had finally opened his account – which already had the blue tick – but now, by clicking on @jayz, you read the error message “Sorry, this page is not available“.

He had used the profile to share a post and a Story dedicated to The Harder They Fall, film of which he is producer and for which he wrote part of the soundtrack. Once the film was released, he deactivated the account, suggesting that he had only inaugurated it to promote the project.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé – getty images

For the short time he was on Instagram, Jay-Z was following only one person: Beyoncé.

In turn, Queen B had followed her husband’s account, which he had become the first person ever followed by the 40-year-old singer since she opened her social media account in 2012. Now Beyoncé is back to zero followed profiles.

This is not the first time that Jay-Z sets foot on Instagram, to remove it shortly after: already in 2015 he had opened his profile (at the time not verified), he had posted a tribute to Michael Jackson on his birthday and a few hours later he had erased everything.

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