Japan: Princess Mako and her husband leave for New York

ROME, NOV 14 – The Japanese princess Mako and her new husband Kei Kumuro left this morning from Tokyo airport for New York where he works as a lawyer and where they will rent an apartment. CNN reports it. His jeans and sweater, her sweatshirt and wide trousers, the two 30-year-olds were photographed pushing their trolleys at the Hanedo airport before boarding a commercial flight escorted by bodyguards and police. Mako, grandson of Emperor Naruhito, lost his royal title by marrying a bourgeois. After announcing their engagement in 2017, they were overwhelmed by an avalanche of gossip on the tabloids and online that caused Mako “sadness and pain,” as she revealed herself in a press conference after the wedding. For some time there have been rumors of their transfer to the United States. “Mako and I want to build a warm and loving family,” said Komuro. “In good times or bad, we want to be together and we will be indispensable to each other.” He failed the New York state bar exam in October, but said he will continue to study and try again in February. (HANDLE).

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