Jacques Lacan had put “The Origin of the World” in a hall

[De nos archives] Despite millennia of speculation, we did not yet know where to locate the origin of the world. We know it now. It is on a painting by Courbet which shows the sex of a woman, quivering with desire, and impressive like the portico of a temple. The painting belonged to Jacques Lacan, and it could only belong to him. His heirs donated it to the State to pay their inheritance rights. The origin of the world is therefore sex and money. We suspected it a little.

The painting has found its final place: the Musée d’Orsay. Despite the presence of the Minister of Culture, who presided over its official presentation, and the speeches of artistic luminaries, “The Origin of the World” continues to smell of sulfur. The place reserved for her in the Courbet room is not innocent: it has been hung under “the Deer fight or the Spring rut”, between “the naked woman with the dog”, and “the covered brook. “, Which Courbet also called” the black well “. The visitor is conditioned. He bathes in wild sexuality, forbidden perversion, grassy and bushy nature. “The Origin of the World” is still relegated to hell, although it was exhibited in Brooklyn five years ago without causing any scandal. It is different in France. In 1994, a novel was banned from the window in Clermont-Ferrand and Besançon because its cover reproduced the cursed painting. We do not trivialize a disturbing work with censer blows.

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