Jacqueline Caurat, pioneer speaker and star of television in France, is a decade away

Jacqueline Caurat is one of the speakers leading to the epoch.
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Jacqueline Caurat, a pioneer speaker and star of the small screen in France from 1950 to 1980, who participated in the debuts of Belgian television, died at the age of 93, announcing that she was married.

Jacqueline Caurat is one of the speakers leading the epoch, with Jacqueline Joubert, Jacqueline Huet and Catherine Langeais, all of them.

She will enter at 25 years on RTF, the French Broadcasting TV, in the presence of a small announcement: the unique television station will speak English (it will not be in England) to translate the British programs at the moment. crown of the rain Elizabeth II, in 1953.

Pride “Ondas” of the best European presenter, the producer and anime of two decades (1961-1983) “Télé-Philatélie”, puis «Philatélie-Club», des magazines consacrés à la philatélie et à l’histoire posta.

«In the epoch (of speakers), you are considered as stars. He took me on vacation, I was in the mail, in the cover of magazines “, at the same time as the head of the TV show. «The paparazzi in my photograph with Jacques (Mancier, son mari, ndlr) four days before the birth of our first daughter. It changes in a square, it’s a big report in a magazine! ”

Pendant sa carrière sur le petit écran, elle anima aussi des emissions destinées aux enfants, conçut même des programmes pour la jeunesse et enregistra des disques pour les plus jeunes.

Jacqueline Caurat is on the other side of the debuts of the Belgian television with the “New Things” by Jacques Canetti (a celebrity producer of the French song). On Télé-Luxembourg, she interviewed cinemas and theater actors in “Tête-à-Tête”.

She collaborates with friends with a period of periodicals and magazines, dont le journal Le Figaro, et signa plusieurs ouvrages autour de la Philatélie, tel «Les JO d’hiver à travers les Timbres-Poste» (Presse de la Cité).

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