J-Ax and Jake La Furia together in “Salsa”, the “hottest piece ever”

J-Ax is Jake The Fury they have just baked one of the eligible candidates summer hits 2021. The single is titled “Sauce”, is available from Friday 21 May and is produced by two who know about hits, that is Takagi & Ketra.

Jake is a brother, and it is an honor for me to have him help me to make the heaviest piece ever – writes J-Ax on his Instagram account – When it comes to being Tsarri, we play in a league of our own: the SuperLega “.

“Salsa” tells the story through a sharp irony desire to enjoy freedom, to let go to rediscover the pleasure of doing simple things.

Attentive fans will have noticed that J-Ax has long been shedding several clues on his social profiles linked to “Salsa”, as he himself admitted writing:

“Returning to the talk of the zaniest piece I’ve ever done, in recent months in my profile I have disseminated some clues: if you are very careful you could discover the title of the piece, the feat. and the setting of a part of the video. “

About the video, the artist let it be known that it will be released soon and that “you are not ready”. We can’t wait to enjoy it!

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