“It’s a song about awareness and courage”

After the summer hit “Makumba” with Carl Brave, Noemi is back to releasing new music. This is the unreleased single “Look down”, available from Friday 12 November.

In announcing the release, the artist wrote these words that make us understand the meaning of the song:

“A song that I am very attached to and that I can’t wait to hear you. A song that speaks of awareness and courage. A song that I find universal and that I hope it will inspire you to look down when you are in the balance so from face your fears. “

“Many times I felt balanced on a tightrope; I happened to fall, to make mistakes, to give in to my emotions and fears – added Noemi on Instagram – This made me feel so scared and confused that living or dying was the same thing. Balance today makes me feel alive. Like a tightrope walker I go forward and I’m not afraid to look down, to look back, to hug and forgive my mistakes. “

With “Look down” Noemi continues the introspective storytelling started with “Glicine” and the album “Metamorfosi”. The single is signed by Alessandro La Cava, who also oversaw the production together with Katoo.

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