Italian consul in Kabul, witnessed dramatic scenes

ROME, AUGUST 18 – “We unfortunately had to witness dramatic scenes” but “in conditions of absolute emergency we managed to bring home our compatriots and some of our Afghan collaborators who in recent years have allowed us to operate in a difficult context. In Afghanistan we are witnessing a great humanitarian tragedy and we are all giving our all, putting all our hearts and the professionalism we are capable of ”. Tommaso Claudi, the Italian consul, who remained in Kabul to maintain an operational connection with the Farnesina and manage all the return operations on site, told ANSA. “The Farnesina machine – adds the diplomat – did not stop for a moment and continued to operate relentlessly, in close coordination with the Italian and international military chain. We are continuously monitoring the evolution of the situation and are in constant contact with the rest of the Embassy in Kabul which, after returning to Italy from Afghanistan, was immediately reconstituted at the Farnesina and is already fully operational ”. (HANDLE).

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