Israel boycots Sally Rooney, her novels are removed from bookstores

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, NOVEMBER 05 – The two main national bookstore chains in Israel, Steimatzki and Tzomet Sfarim, have decided to remove all books by Irish writer Sally Rooney after she accused Israel of implementing “an apartheid regime ‘ā€¯Towards the Palestinians and said she was in favor of boycotting the Jewish state. Among other things, he banned the Hebrew translation of his latest book ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’ to the Israeli publishing house Modan with which he had published two other books in the past: ‘Talking about it among friends’ and ‘Normal people’. Steimatzki and Tsomet Sfarim, reports Yediot Ahronot, have decided to immediately remove all of Rooney’s books from their respective websites. Later they will also remove the books from the shelves. In recent weeks, thousands of Israelis have signed up to call for a boycott of Rooney. Commenting on the initiative, the Modan publishing house affirmed that “the cultural boycott is to be condemned”. (ANSAmed).

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