Intel introduces 12th generation Alder Lake processors

Intel has unveiled the new 12th Generation Intel Core Desktop Processors, codenamed Alder Lake. This new generation of CPU will use Intel’s high-performance hybrid architecture and will be based on the Intel 7 process.

The whole family will consist of a total of 60 processors but, for starters, Intel will launch six new desktop processors starting November 4, 2021. These chips will be Intel’s first to use the new hybrid architecture, which uses a combination of Performance-core (P-core) and Efficient-core ( E-core).

A feature of the 12th generation Core processors is technology Intel Thread Director, which allows the two new core microarchitectures to work seamlessly together by guiding the operating system to place the right thread on the right core at the right time.

Intel Alder Lake processors 1

The new processors will also support a number of new technologies, such as DDR5 memory up to 4800 MT / s, PCIe 5.0 technology, up to 30MB of Intel Smart Cache (L3) and 14MB of L2 cache, Wi-Fi 6E and , of course, Thunderbolt 4. The K series processors will be equipped with integrated graphics, called Intel UHD Graphics 770.

Intel 12th Gen Intel Core processor comparison

As mentioned above, Intel will launch 6 Alder Lake series processors starting in November 4, 2021. These range from Core i5 CPUs to Core i9-12900K CPUs featuring 8 P cores with hyperthreading and 8 E cores and will support a maximum boost frequency of 5.2 GHz.


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