Instagram: video identification on the way?

Some Instagram users have reported some news. In fact, Meta’s social platform seems to be asking some users to identify themselves through a selfie video.

In particular, the platform asks to register a selfie video showing various angles of their face in order to confirm that the user is real and not a bot. Instagram has long fought against bots that create fake interactions in order to increase account notoriety. Instagram has always condemned these practices and tries in every way to counter them.

The novelty in question was found by some users who posted the info through Twitter. According to what is learned on some specialized forums, Instagram started testing this novelty already a year ago, but immediately encountered the first problems.

There are also those who have entered even more specific by showing in detail what type of video does the platform require to validate one’s identity.

The introduction of this feature for everyone is not yet certain: for the moment it is still in test phase and only after this phase will we understand what will happen. Instagram has confirmed through Twitter all the information contained in this article.

Meta has announced in any case that it will disable some facial recognition features. It should be those related to Facebook and not all those present on the platform. That of Instagram which, at the moment, does not involve all users, could be destined to remain online.

The company in any case it will not keep the data login through this method for more than 30 days and will not use them for any purpose other than the purpose for which they are requested.

We will update you as soon as the feature is online for all users. Surely it will be weeks before Instagram extends the request for the selfie video to everyone.


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