Inps: 5.3 million pensioners under 1000 euros, one third of the total

ROME, 28 OCT – More than 5.3 million retirees in 2020 had a total retirement income of less than 1,000 euros. It can be read in the INPS Observatory on pensions and beneficiaries of the pension system according to which 33.4% of overall pensioners are below this threshold, receiving only 12% of the 307,690 million euros paid for pensions during the year. The majority of pensioners under € 1,000 are women (3.4 million). Women are 52% of the 16,041,202 pensioners. They received an average of € 16,233 in 2020 compared to an average of 22,351 for men with a difference of 27%. In the year, women received a total of 134,919 million euros in pensions and against 172,771 million euros for men. In the range of the highest pensions, over 4 thousand euros per month, there are 585 thousand pensioners (3.6% of the total) with incomes of over 40 billion overall (13.2% of the total). (HANDLE).


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