India: toxic foam in a sacred river near New Delhi

ROME, NOV 10 – A layer of toxic foam covered parts of a sacred river near New Delhi, as Hindus worshipers bathed in its waters to celebrate a religious holiday. CNN reports it. The white foam, a mix of sewage and industrial waste, has formed over the past week at several points on the Yamuna River, a tributary of the holy Ganges, which flows approximately 1,376 kilometers south of the Himalayas through various states. According to experts, the foam contains high levels of ammonia and phosphates which can cause respiratory and skin problems. His arrival coincided with Chhath Puja, a festival dedicated to the sun god Suryha. “The water is extremely dirty, but we don’t have many options,” said one of the faithful, Gunjan Devi. “Bathing in a river is a ritual, so we came here to bathe.” According to the Press Trust of India, the Indian government has deployed 15 boats to remove the foam, but experts fear it has already caused significant damage. (HANDLE).

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