India: toxic air in Delhi after Diwali fireworks

ROME, 05 NOV – Gray sky and unbreathable air. So New Delhi woke up after the thousands of fireworks and firecrackers that went off during the night to celebrate Diwali despite the bans imposed by the government. The BBC reports. In the Indian metropolis, the most polluted in the world, the air is particularly unbreathable also because the farmers from neighboring states in this period set fire to the residues of the harvest. In some areas this morning the concentration of pm 2.5, the dangerous fine dust, was 999 per cubic meter, the highest level. To understand, between 0 and 50 particles per cubic meter is considered “good”, between 51 and 100 “satisfactory”. Thousands on Twitter posted photos and videos of New Delhi shrouded in heavy fog and complained of itching and tears in their eyes. (HANDLE).

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