India, girl dying after gang rape

NEW DELHI, AUG 26 – 24 hours after the news of the death of the young woman who set herself on fire in Delhi because she did not get justice after denouncing a politician who raped her, another rape, this time in groups, is upsetting the India. A university student is hospitalized in critical condition in a hospital in Mysore, Karnataka, after being attacked, on Tuesday evening, together with her partner, by a herd of five men, in a park popular with couples seeking privacy. The police have started the search for the attackers described by the boy, who was bottle-necked, and savagely beaten by the pack, before the rape of his friend. The story sadly echoes the case of the Delhi student who was attacked in December 2012 and died of her wounds: on that occasion the testimony of the boy who accompanied the victim was essential to identify and bring the guilty to justice. Despite the tightening of laws and penalties, and promises from the authorities to increase surveillance for the safety of women, rape remains a very frequent crime in India. It is estimated that a woman is raped every fifteen minutes. The problem resurfaces in the media periodically, coinciding with particularly ferocious episodes. (HANDLE).

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