India: Dengue concerns in Delhi, already over 1,000 cases

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 26 – Dengue cases still growing in the Indian capital, with 283 new infections in the past week alone, bringing the total to over 1000 infections, the highest peak since 2018. The Hindu newspaper writes that according to the complaint by the president of the municipal council of the South Delhi area, Abhishek Dutt, the city health authorities would hide the true dimensions of the problem. “They do it to maintain an image of efficiency, it would be more useful to disseminate the real data, to alarm citizens and induce them to take more precautions,” he said. Hospital doctors confirm Dutt’s alarm, telling of hundreds of patients seen every day for dangerous seasonal mosquito bite fever. The Indian capital had reported a total of 217 cases in September, the highest for the month since 2018, the year in which a total of 2,798 dengue attacks and four deaths were recorded (ANSA).

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