India, a minor raped for years by hundreds of men

NEW DELHI, 16 NOV – At least eight people arrested in Beed, a town in Maharasthra, for sexually abusing a minor: among them also the three who exploited the girl and forced her into prostitution for at least two years. The young woman, who lived in the bus station, after escaping from an abusive married husband at 13, told social workers that she was violently forced into sexual relations with hundreds of men. According to Abhay Vitthalrao Vanave, president of India’s Child Welfare Committee (CWC), who assisted her, the girl had in the past turned to the police accusing the exploiters, but no action had been taken. . Vanave said two policemen would be investigated for this incident which brings the serious problem of sexual violence in the country back into the spotlight. Yogita Bhayana, a women’s rights activist, called the case “the most tragic episode of rape in our history. This girl has been tortured every day for the past two years ”. (HANDLE).

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