in the new song “Doesn’t Matter” he talks about his struggles for mental health

She became known all over the world (including Italy) in 2020 thanks to the single “Supalonely”. Now Benee is back with a decidedly new song compared to its previous ones. It’s about the song “Doesn’t Matter”, through which he recounts his struggles for mental health.

In the text, clear and well-marked words of resignation are repeated such as “I know it doesn’t matter”, but at the same time, there is a request for help “there is a way through”.

Benee announced the release of “Doesn’t Matter” on its social networks in World Mental Health Day.

To describe the passage he used these words:

“It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve released music. This year has been very difficult for me and for many other people, I’ve had moments where I felt really uncomfortable. I wrote ‘Doesn’t Matter’ during one of these times when I really felt like it overwhelmed, anxious and stuck. I was diagnosed with a obsessive compulsive disorder, which actually helped me understand myself better. This song reflects on what it would be like to feel truly carefree and how much easier life would be lived that way. Sometimes, it is difficult for people who do not suffer from anxiety or depression really understand what it is like for us. People who tell you not to worry or who say ‘It’s not important’ don’t understand that it’s not as simple as they think. I got help learning how to manage my anxiety and depression, so I want others to know that there is, there is, a way out. “

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