in the new album “Piove Ancora” there are also Emis Killa, Drast (Psychologists) and Speranza

“It still rains is the lucid transcription of the storm that I had inside me and that often recurs” cit.

Almost two years after the “Piano B” debut album, Silent Bob released the new album titled “It’s still raining”. The project was released on Friday 5 November and is made up of 15 tracks, including three featuring made with Emis Killa, Psychologists’ Drast and Hope.

He thought about producing everything Sick Budd, talented producer who together with Silent Bob has been able to design amusical identity unique and immediately recognizable.

Listen for yourself!

Speaking of “It’s still raining”, Silent Bob said:

“At the beginning I didn’t know where to start to write this record. I kept writing pieces and recording auditions but nothing went as it should and how I wanted.

The first lockdown had just begun and I found myself with a crowded house without privacy and many dissatisfactions. A strange one feeling of failure it has always haunted me but I thought it would fade away after the success of my first record. After weeks of not listening to music or looking in the mirror, suddenly one night I felt like pulled by an external force which finally pushed me to write everything I wanted, as I wanted, without thinking about who was out there and what he wanted from me. That’s how it was born that night Piove Ancora, the song that then kicked off the whole new album. From then on I was able to approach each mood and each new song as I really wanted. It had already been a long time since the release of the first album and all that period of rest of sadness and loneliness had inevitably made me grow. I was different from years before, I felt it. I no longer needed the help or company of other people, I had everything inside what I wanted to express.

I have been digging inside myself for months without finding anything but when I was about to give up and finally collapse, here is a light. It Rains Again was written by a guy who digs relentlessly to find the worst in himself, a kind of self-harm. When he finds it, as if it were a dark treasure, he makes it his own and transforms it into words. It still rains is the lucid transcription of the storm that I had inside me and that often recurs. Every piece I wrote served as a clean-up of the mess that was left, to throw out the broken glass and the shards that had accumulated. What your eyes see may seem more beautiful and more serene but if there is still bad weather inside, nothing can satisfy you.

Now that I spat it out and everything was clean and clear againI’m not calm inside anyway because I know that as always it will rain again. “

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