“In one hour” is the new single from Shade

Tuesday June 1st will come out “In an hour”, the new summer single from Shade. To announce the arrival of the unpublished, he thought of it himself, publishing on his social accounts the freestyle video which you can see below.

“In one hour” – produced by the Itaca team together with Jaro – tells the story of a boy in love attempting a approach in the only possible way in this difficult historical period: through a balcony. In the text there is no lack of i puns, a distinctive feature of Shade’s songs.

We are sure that “In one hour” will have all the credentials to become one of the next summer hits, as happened last year with “Hitch-hiking”, certified Shade song double platinum record with over 35 and a half million streams on Spotify.

ph: press office, credit Mark Tampone

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