in its place there will be a sticker

Soon you will no longer hear the expression “do swipe-up” from your favorite influencers. From August 30th this system of referring to the links of external sites to Instagram Sara replaced from a new one dedicated sticker.

As with the swipe-up, the adhesive will also be a prerogative of the verified accounts or those who have a large number of followers.

The gesture that the user will have to make will change but the result will be the same: when you view the stories, instead of swiping your finger upwards on the smartphone to access the link, it will be necessary tap on the sticker, just like you do when you want to visit the mentioned tag accounts.

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This new element that Instagram will soon introduce will be called precisely “link sticker” and has already been extensively tested since June. The swipe-up has always been a fundamental tool for influencers, who thus direct their followers to the links of the various sponsored. Who knows what they will think of this change!

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