In Brussels, the torrential pluses provoked by heavy grazing

The fortifications on the ground of the main rivers of the Amazon of Brazil to the levels of records, provoking the grains of inundations, report on the local media.

The levels of elevation are provoked by the floods in the quasi-totality of the Amazon State, in the north of Brussels. Plus 450,000 residents on this touch.

In the port of Manaus, the Rio Negro, which is now located on the Amazon River at this end, at 29.9 meters, above the water level plus the 1902 elevator, the site of the G1 information site.

D’après le quotidien Folha de S. Paulo, à la fin du mois d’avril, le niveau de l’eau a dépassé pour la première fois 29 mètres, un seuil à partir duquel on parle de «graves inondations». The level of the water should be installed in the vicinity of about 30 meters in the fields, it can be stabilized, the geological service of Brussels.

The inundations in the region are in constant augmentation, a probable consistency of the climate change, the source of the source. “In less than three years, he assisted in the rehearsal of a phenomenon that does not normally produce what all the five years have,” said Luna Gripp, of the Brazilian Geological Survey. Six of the two levels registered in Manaus are on the course of the last 20 years.

In the city, plus 24,000 foyers on this touch and the number of residents on the quitter leur house, selon G1. The port area and the historic center of the town are almost like water.

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