In 7 years the pasta and sweets sector cuts 69 million kg of CO2

ROME, 25 NOV – The Italian sweets and pasta sector is increasingly sustainable: between 2013 and 2019, companies saved 69 million kg of Co2 and 270 thousand cubic meters of water, recovering almost 20 million waste in more. This was revealed by the new sustainability report by Unione Italiana Food, 450 companies represented, which analyzes trends and results achieved in recent years by the product categories of pasta, baked goods, cocoa and chocolate, ice cream, confectionery which are worth a total of 20 billion euros. the year. The data, collected in 36 plants belonging to 10 of the main Italian companies, take into consideration 6 environmental indicators, namely energy, water, waste, CO2, by-products and production. According to the report, the improvement path is transversal in all sectors. The production of bakery and recurring products, such as Pandoro and Panettone, has reduced CO2 emissions by 42.7% and if the confectionery sector has saved 14.51 m 3 of water for each ton of product, that of cocoa and chocolate uses 100% renewable electricity compared to 7% in 2013. Numbers behind which there are solutions to create sustainable value, from technological innovations to contain consumption and emissions, to local projects for the protection of territories and communities origin of the raw materials they use, up to the experiences of food innovation. “Sustainability, together with quality and safety, is one of the competitiveness factors of our food system”, explains the general director of Unione Italiana Food, Mario Piccialuti, highlighting how the relationship “is not a promise but a fact”. Among the activities undertaken at the association level, Uif recalls the voluntary national scheme for the assessment and communication of the environmental footprint of products, which has given rise to new guidelines, including those on energy efficiency, in collaboration with Enea and on enhancement of food by-products for the circular economy. (HANDLE).

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