“Il Boom” is out, the new futurist single all to dance to

Lorenzo Jovanotti is back! Today, Friday 19 November, he released the unreleased song “The boom”, written by himself and produced by Rick Rubin.

The single marks the beginning of a new recording era for Lorenzo and also accompanies the announcement of the Jova Beach Party 2022.

“‘Il Boom’ is a new song, the first of a long journey of songs that will take us to Jova Beach and beyond! 3’15 ” during which everything happens, as happens sometimes with those pieces that become ‘first singles’, but which were not expected to be (but what a boom would it be otherwise?) – revealed Jova about the song – My record company listened to it and got high and we decided that although I am still working on a ton of songs to bring to the bottom, this one is ready to be thrown out the day we present Jova Beach. It’s a futuristic, fast piece, which makes me think of when we will play it on the beach with all the strobes on and in front of me there will be my people, a dancing tribe! “

Jovanotti continues:

“In this time when everyone is squabbling around a word, I had a good time take them apart a bit, I put them in a mixer without thinking too much, following the sound, the images that were born following the sound of the piece, without judgment, like in an interlocking game. And if someone wants to find a meaning in it, I am open to any interpretation, indeed I am curious if it will happen “.

Futurist is also the visual accompanying the single, inspired by exponents of this artistic current such as Depero and Giacomo Balla.

ph: press office, credit Michele Lugaresi

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