I tested an anti-stress helmet… and I let go at the top of a mountain

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How about a small electroencephalogram between two visios, just to measure your stress level and learn to control it? This is more or less what Yohan Attal, co-founder of MyBrain Technologies, a French company specializing in neurotechnology, offers.

This doctor in brain imaging and signal processing has indeed developed a connected headset equipped with small electrodes, Melomind, capable, he says, of analyzing the neuromarkers associated with relaxation and of guiding its user towards deep relaxation. . And thus, allow him to gain serenity, to improve his sleep, even to benefit from a better quality of life. The promise is more than seductive. Too attractive?

Designed in partnership with the Institut du Cerveau, and recently marketed to the general public via the Nature & Découvertes and Boulanger brands, the Melomind helmet does not seem like a gadget. To be sure, a little relaxation session is needed:

The test, a difficult start

Melomind has been in a corner of my library for several days. No time, other tasks that I believe more urgent to accomplish, and a disastrous organization … The helmet, and its promise of a more zen life, nevertheless extends its arms to me, and I regularly throw a guilty glance at him, a bit like we say to ourselves that we should ” that I see a shrink ” or ” that I get down to yoga ”.
Cornered by the imminent dismissal of the loaned object, I unpack

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