Hong Kong: Human Rights Front dissolves

HONG KONG, AUG 15 – The Front for Human and Civil Rights, the coalition that promoted mass protests in favor of democracy in Hong Kong in 2019, announced its self-dissolution, motivating it with the growing repression against protests in the territory semi-autonomous Chinese. “Civil society faces challenges of unprecedented difficulty,” the movement said in a statement. “A few days after Hong Kong lost its largest teachers union, the city’s leading civil society voice was also silenced, after a long campaign to discredit and weaken it by the pro-Beijing police and media. “: Said the head of the Chinese team of Amnesty International, Joshua Rosenzweig, in a note, commenting on the dissolution of the Front for the Defense of Human and Civil Rights, the most important pro-democracy group. “The assault by the Hong Kong authorities on human rights has intensified. To political parties, the media and trade unions – adds Rosenzweig -, unfortunately we must now add NGOs to the list of those targeted for the mere fact of carrying out their legitimate work. “The self-censorship model seen this week – he concludes – also signals a worrying domino effect, as Hong Kong’s draconian national security law has triggered an acceleration of the disappearance of independent civil society groups from the city”. (HANDLE).

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